"Great way to bring relevant folks from in house, consulting and suppliers together to discuss pressing issues we are faced with. Love the networking opportunities especially for somebody new in this area it was super helpful to find like minded people from different industries to connect with in the future."

Vice President, HR Global Mobility - IBM

"I felt the experience was very worthwhile because it provided an intimate setting allowing us to candidly discuss issues that were important to me. I reunited with some old colleagues and met several new people that I know I will remain in contact with."

Chief Human Resources Officer - Clinton Foundation

"This was a very interesting roundtable and gave us good input on Global Mobility (e.g. new generation vs mobility vs talent management and retention). Additionally, discuss and share new insights with colleagues is always a good exercise."

Head of Compensation & Benefits - Vifor Pharma Group

"It was very well organized the event. Great speakers and interesting topic which is on the majority of our agendas. Also it gave me a great chance to talk to other GM leaders."

Global Mobility Service Lead Switzerland - GE

"I received some invaluable advice from the afternoon session that I attended which I have already begun to implement today. So thank you very much!"

Senior Manager, Global Mobility - Aggreko PLC

“An intriguing and captivating Global Mobility event, full of insights and innovative input from all industry sectors. Not your standard conference!”

Head of Global Mobility, EMEA - Nomura International PLC

"A really great session, informative, well attended and a great opportunity to network with other Global Mobility professionals."

Global Mobility Manager - Linklaters LLP

"Great forum to network with industry peers to discuss corporate challenges, future business trends and exchange ideas. Very inter-active and engaging. Highly recommend."

VP, Global Mobility - Barclays

“It was a great opportunity to share current issues and possible solutions, as well as think forward for our industry. I was able to implement a change in my organisation the next day in the office due to one of the discussions so there was an instant return on time investment”.

Head of Global Mobility - Johnson Matthey

"I thoroughly enjoyed the session I attended in the afternoon. I thought the format (no Powerpoint!) helped encourage and open exchange of views between GM leaderds"

Global Mobility Director - NES Advantage Solutions

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Global Mobility Executive Roundtable event - I found the attendees and the successes and challenges shared all very similar to those experienced within my company. the discussions were very engaging and the guest speakers provided great insight around possibilities for future thinking to aid the complexities we all face within the Global Mobility industry. Great event - I will be sure to attend again."

Manager, Global Mobility - Pearson PLC

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