Working with Global HR Executive is a very effective and efficient experience. They probed and understood our specific market and positioning quickly. We work closely and responsively to align any specific customer topics. We’re only 6 months into our collaboration with Global HR Executive and already it’s been a remarkable learning curve and we’ve seen ever growing results in accessing decision makers within our key target accounts.

Heiner Küpper, Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
FT | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance

As an Austrian based company, we found it extremely difficult to connect to the right people in the UK when we tried to establish our business in the UK a couple years ago. Global HR Executive enabled us to establish a significant client base and connected us with the right people for successful business growth. The team’s enthusiasm and support empowered us to be known as the experts in our field. Their skills in organising meetings and events is extraordinary!

Andreas Schindler, CEO,
Agile Data Warehouse Solutions Ltd

We began working with Global HR Executive to assess their approach to hosting events as a way of generating business leads. We started with a pilot of six events; their success in terms of accurate targeting of companies and the individuals who attended them encouraged us to increase this activity. Global HR Executivenow deliver ‘HR Talks’ in Germany and the UK through the year, and we are getting 14 one-to-one appointments each quarter in Germany. We look forward to collaborating with the team at Global HR Executive in the future as an effective extension to our sales, marketing and events teams.

Marc Thivessen, Chief Operating Officer
Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance

Global HR Executive have underpinned the successful growth of our organisation over the past two years. Following our two Executive Masterclass sessions they secured appointments with over 70% of attendees. These meetings resulted in the conversion of four new accounts for us, accounts that have since developed into significant revenue generators. Furthermore, Global HR Executive continue to provide us high level, qualified appointments throughout the year. These appointments provide a constant pipeline of oven-ready prospects which allows us to focus on delivering a quality service. The ROI we have generated through collaborating with Global HR Executive has not only covered the cost of the initial investment but also the fees for our next two years. It’s been a pleasure partnering with the Global HR Executive team on these campaigns, they come highly recommend!

Jon Arnold, Arnold Ash

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