Having recently won a new client, we conducted our usual half day onboarding workshop to learn about Quality of Mind, however it wasn’t till I had the opportunity to experience the 3 Day ‘Quality of Mind Open Programme’ that I had full realisation. It took my understanding to the next level and left me with an invaluable insight into, not just our clients value proposition and their key differentiators, but into the power and impact of the human mind. To say the outcomes exceeded my expectations would be a massive understatement. The pervasive nature of the Quality of Mind learning curve has resulted in a new-found confidence which I believe will help me lead our ever-growing company! I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is grappling with the demands of managing change, dealing with overwhelm or stress and or indeed anyone who is looking for a unique, leading edge approach to dealing with the complexities of the modern world and all the noise that goes along with it. More details of the programme can be found via this link: http://www.makingchangework.co.uk/philosophy-of-change/golden-thread/quality-of-mind-executive-retreat/