DAY 2 - PM - March 23 2023



The world is changing around us at breakneck speed. At the same time, talent is becoming scarcer and more mobile. Businesses therefore know they must take responsibility for ensuring the skills they need from the workforce are available, continuously updated and relevant.

This has put L&D and its technologies firmly on the agenda, with a need for both professional and soft skills, a new focus on the value (and challenges) of remote learning, and a desire to balance scalability with a personalised offering. In this track, HR, Learning, and Talent Development Leaders will discover innovative and scalable strategies  to meet the evolved development expectations of individuals and the business.


12:00 - 13:30


13:00 - 13:20

Keynote: The evolution of employee expectations in L&D

13:20 - 13:50

Leadership development

14:00 - 15:25

Interactive Roundtables

Please see round table topics below

15:25 - 15:45

Day 2 Close - Review and lessons learned

15:45 - 17:00

Networking and Drinks

Interactive Roundtable Rooms

Please select from one of our four intimate round-table discussions for an engaging deep-dive…

Room 1: L&D Analytics

Examining the KPIs and metrics which prove the value of L&D as a strategic asset to the business – and the numbers which will evidence performance of individuals.

Room 2: L&D for agility

Agility is the greatest asset in business today. So this session looks at L&D’s contribution: upskilling, reskilling, coaching, continuous improvement and more.

Room 3: Future Skills

Discover the skills that leaders and employees really need today – from critical thinking to negotiation - and how to nurture them

Room 4: Future L&D

The future of L&D is bright, and experiential. This session looks at technologies (VR, AR) and systems (coaching, buddying etc.) to paint a picture of modern learning.

Previous Partners

DAY 1 - AM - March 22 2023

As we emerge from the pandemic, we’re all at work, but work is now something different for everyone. We work in different places at different times. We have different degrees of contact with colleagues and HQ. Buy-in, to departments and the whole business can vary dramatically.

It falls to HR, Reward and Experience leaders to help teams with often very different work patterns to pull profitably and meaningfully in the same direction – and managing the employee experience is key. In this track, HR, Reward and Experience Leaders will discover the tools to develop high-impact strategies to meet these varying needs, boost motivation, and build connection and resilience.

Click here to see the Agenda for Day 1 AM

DAY 1 - PM - March 22 2023

Nobody doubts the importance of wellbeing, and the firm foundations of engagement which underpin it. As we face global headwinds and leaders recognise that talent is the greatest contributor to agility and productivity, it’s time for the rubber to hit the road, empowering employees to be their best, to give their best!

In this track, we’ll find out how an ongoing conversation built on engagement strategies opens the door for businesses to deliver meaningful and respected wellbeing programmes. And we’ll see that those programmes are now highly tailored and extend into important new areas like financial and physical wellbeing.

Click here to see the Agenda for Day 1 PM