AM Agenda - March 23 2023



The world of work is changing beyond recognition. We’ve emerged from the pandemic into economic headwinds, different generational expectations and a new focus on value.

We work in different places at different times. We have different degrees of contact with colleagues and HQ. Buy-in, to departments and the whole business can vary dramatically.

It falls to HR, Experience, Reward and Wellbeing leaders to help teams with often very different work patterns to pull profitably and meaningfully in the same direction – and managing the employee experience is key. In this track, HR, Experience, Reward and Wellbeing Leaders will discover the tools to develop high-impact engagement and wellbeing strategies to meet these varying needs, boost motivation, and build connection, resilience and loyalty.


09:00 - 09:35


Registration and Refreshments

09:30 - 09:35


Host welcome, housekeeping and introductions

09:35 - 09:55 - Keynote

Employee Experience in the "New World of Work"

What should EX look like in the modern organisation, and how can companies engage effectively with their employees?

09:55 - 10:25 - Panel

Rewards that meet employee expectations

From charity to cultural enrichment, what really motivates employees to stay? What really generates retention?

10:35 - 12:00

Interactive Roundtables

Please see round table topics below

12:00 - 13:00 - Lunch

Interactive Roundtable Rooms

Please select from one of our six intimate round-table discussions for an engaging deep-dive…

Room 1: Alignment and employee listening

Find out what your employees value beyond pay and how they perceive the business, with a range of opportunities to open dialogue

Room 2: Transforming for a culture of recognition

Programs that align with your organisation’s values and goals, to yield a positive culture and deeper employee engagement.

Room 3: Holistic wellbeing

Building a human-centred wellbeing package, accounting for the physical, psychological and financial as well as emotional.

Room 4: Diversity & Inclusion

Re-examining current strategies for creating a fair, equitable and culturally relevant experience for all employees.

Room 5: Aligning benefits, reward and motivation

How to build a benefits package that is respected by employees and yields a visible uptick in motivation.

Room 6: Igniting the employee experience with technology

Discover how today’s innovative and holistic HCM solutions are allowing leaders to unlock their employees’ true potential..

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PM Agenda - March 23 2023

Talent is becoming scarcer, with some skills squeezed. The shape of the workforce is also changing: globalised, more mobile, but also isolated and further from education. Businesses therefore know they must take responsibility for ensuring the skills they need from the workforce are available, continuously updated and relevant. It is essential to examine how businesses can widen their talent pool, ensure that nurturing internal talent isn’t forgotten, and learn how recruitment processes can be streamlined for the benefit of both the business and its new hires – all while maintaining equity and fairness. In this track, HR, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, and Learning Leaders will discover innovative and scalable strategies to meet the evolved expectations of employees, candidates and the business.

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