People 1st 2022 EMEA: The Evolution of Employee Expectations

The workplace has and continues to change, and so are employee expectations - drastically. The next big questions are: how will organizations continue to effectively attract, engage, develop and retain top talent amidst all the change?

People 1st 2022 brings together 100+ of the most senior HR Leaders and decision makers for a series of topic-focused keynote presentations, panel discussions and collaborative roundtables, to gain expert insights from thought leaders, innovators and fellow peers on how to achieve the critical outcomes their organization needs.

Each day is devoted entirely to address the unique challenges facing each individual role across the HR function – a chance to deep dive into leaders’ specific focus areas, exploring ways to make a real difference…

A truly People 1st approach that meets both the evolved employee expectations and business needs.

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DAY 1 - September 20 2022 

The Evolution of Employee Experience – Reward, Recognition & Wellbeing

Recent times have highlighted how much employee needs can vary – within organizations, across roles, and even from day to day. Today’s focus on elevating employee experience helps HR, Reward, Experience and Wellbeing Leaders design high-impact strategies to meet these varying needs – what is needed to create a truly meaningful employee experience that meets expectations, boosts motivation, maintains connection, builds resilience and shows that you truly care?

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DAY 2 - September 21 2022 

The Evolution of Learning & Development

The skills and capabilities employees need to succeed are evolving faster than the methods and technology we use to reach them. Today’s focus on learning helps HR, Learning, and Talent Development Leaders discover innovative and scalable strategies that redefine the role of learning and development in the future. How do we meet the evolved development expectations of individual’s, retaining talent and driving continued business growth?

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DAY 3 - September 22 2022 

The Evolution of Talent – Recruitment & Mobility

Expectations and the behavior of candidates and internal talent have changed, and along with that, talent acquisition and mobility processes are radically transforming how business is done. Today’s focus on talent mobility and effective recruitment helps leaders across HR, Talent Management and Talent Acquisition to learn about the most effective and equitable strategies to compete for both internal and external talent.

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People 1st: The Re-imagined Organisation2021 Content now available on-demand.

Recent times have witnessed radical change for the HR function and the pandemic has accelerated a brand-new world of work which many thought impossible.

HR departments are now actively considering how to integrate remote and hybrid working into their strategy to maintain business continuity. But what does that look like, and how will these new models impact performance, engagement, culture, learning, talent acquisition, reward & well-being?

As we start to adjust to the new ways of working, an opportunity has arisen for companies to re-imagine the employee experience in ways that respect people’s differences in terms of skills and capabilities, home lives, personal characteristics and other factors – an opportunity to create widely shared feelings of well-being and cohesion across the work force.

A truly People 1st approach.

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