Adam Griggs

International Development

The pandemic prompted me to retrain and enter the world of Event organisation

Acquiring a range of new skills enabled me to support my team with:

* Analysing client and customer data to ensure integrity, providing actionable insight to support informed decision making.

* Liasing with management internally to ensure project time frames and deadlines were met.

* External communications – supporting the customer journey, gathering and submitting the necessary information.

Proficient across the Microsoft Office suite including teams and SightLine – data analytics tool.

I’ve held a number of senior roles throughout my career and been fortunate enough to work for some of the UK’s leading brands.

My experience to date has given me a detailed and thorough insight to how industry operates in many areas, allowing me to develop a broad knowledge for management and strategy based insights.

I love working with passionate, energetic and diverse teams and believe organisational culture is key, work hard and have fun doing it!